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Talking about flat tires, we cannot go without mentioning some of the little-known reasons for such a roadside occurrence. Knowing more about them will help you be extra cautious about the condition of your vehicle and tires as a whole. What can a knowledgeable towing service provider tell you about them?

  • High temperatures; during the hot summer, there is a possibility your auto tires heat to a very high temperature. The constant exposure to the hot asphalt and pavement can cause the rubber to go thin. So, you should not forget to monitor their tread, as well as the tire pressure, especially if you live in a region with extremely hot summers. As a rule of thumb, you should add 1 pound of pressure for every 10 degrees F.

  • Leakage; if there are any leaks coming from the valve stem or the intersection of the tire bead, this will make them prone to damage. So, checking the valve stem for wear is a must. If this component is worn, it will slowly start to lose strength and air will escape from your tire. Before you know it, you will have a flat tire. A worn seal around the tire bead can lead to the same problem too.

  • Lack of rotation; neglecting to care for your car and the overall state of your tires can cause the same issue. If your wheels are not rotating properly due to them becoming unbalanced, the risk of causing a flat tire increases. So, you should always work with a legitimate auto repair shop to ensure periodical check-ups and maintenance of the tire pressure and the suspension system. Scheduling regular inspections and care for your vehicle will help prevent such a dangerous situation.

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