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Fuel & Oil Delivery Service

Best Fuel & Oil Delivery Service in St. Louis

Chauncey Towing is a turnkey fuel delivery and emergency fueling company. We offer top-quality products, outstanding customer care, and dependable service in St. Louis county.

You can rely on us for generator fueling, construction site & fleet fueling, diesel exhaust fluid, and lubricant supply for your equipment and off-road vehicles. 

Despite being a local fuel supply agency, we can fulfill your requirements with utmost care for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service and quick response time.

Come to us for —–

  • Generator fueling
  • Diesel exhaust fluid
  • Construction site fueling
  • Commercial & industrial fuels
  • Fleet fueling
  • Lubricants

Most interestingly, we deliver ultra-low sulfur-dyed fuel and highly efficient & eco-friendly fuels in compliance with the marine industry regulations.

Serving Diesel Delivery Needs in St. Louis

Chauncey Towing offers the best fuel and oil delivery service in Illinois. For us, no business is too big or too small. We cover your fuel supply demands from end to end. Now, you can conduct business without worrying about unstable fuel provision.

The bulk fuel delivery package feeds all grades of gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene to commercial sites throughout St. Louis, Illinois.

Our lubricant delivery service ensures direct delivery of top-drawer lubricants from Chevron, Havoline, Phillips, and Valvoline.

The card lock fueling system grants your access to scores of fueling stations across Illinois.

Our branded retail scheme gains instant customer trust by branding your fuel station with bigshots like Chevron and Valero.

Top-notch petroleum equipment allows adequate fuel and lubricant storage and dispensation for tanks, pumps, etc.

We bring you Chevron’s ISOCLEAN lubricant filtration services. It guarantees smooth as butter operation of your equipment.

Customized Commercial Fuel & Oil Delivery Services

Our diesel supply company closely cooperates with your business to develop cost-saving solutions for all of your petroleum and lubricating demands. We do it all from deliveries to a specific site or your business location. Our highly skilled fleet of tank-wagon trucks reaches there right on time.

What do you get from us?

  • Regular unleaded 87 octane 
  • Supreme unleaded 93 octane 
  • Ultra-low sulfur diesel 
  • Marine tanks and pumps 
  • Fuel treatments
  • and more

Businesses ask for numerous fuels, including diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, and lubricants. We have professional drivers ready to deliver on our deals. Battle-ready dispatchers are standing by for your call. Each call is an emergency call for us.

We keep your business rolling forward without hiccups by delivering fuel on-demand, on a schedule, and in an emergency. We dominate the local fuel delivery industry and determine its trends and changes. So, Chauncey Towing streamlines the operations and saves you time and money. Our trucks are ready for deliveries up to 500 gallons and more.

Our Products

Chauncey Towing is a local fuel & oil delivery service in St. Louis, Illinois. We specialize in on-site fueling of heavy machinery, portable fuel tanks, generators, and truck fleets. Clear and dyed diesel fuel define our small company.

Why choose us? Quality products, clean and dry fuel with our exceptional service are rare items.

Lubricants are the lifeline of your company. So, we deliver spotless, top-quality lubricating solutions. Besides, we provide and sell propane in bulk quantities to commercial, industrial, and residential customers. You can also purchase racing fuel for motorsports, go-karts, and other auto sports.