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Repair and Replacement of a Tire

No more stranded! Call the best flat tire service in St. Louis

Use our Express Service Bay for timely maintenance. Save time and stop getting dumped on the road. Chauncey Towing offers factory-trained technicians to accelerate your maintenance visit. Efficient, fast, and friendly car servicing defines us.

Imagine you are on your way to a party. Suddenly, a loud thump from your car tire disturbs your peace of mind. Also, you had a hard time controlling the vehicle. Upset, angry, and what else? None can describe your mental state. You might be facing late hours to a meeting in a similar situation.

You discover either a flat or a blown-out tire. DIY tire changing could cost you time and effort. Why bother? Contact our professional tire specialists. Chauncey Towing brings you the best flat tire service in St. Louis, Illinois. We put you back on the road in minutes.

Why do flat tires happen?

Countless causes contribute to flat tires. One common reason is incorrect tire pressure. Here, we discuss the prominent ones. 

Extra pressure: First, extra pressure strains the threads and reduces traction. The problem develops into burst-out tires on challenging roads. Your tire manufacturer recommends the required pressure levels. Contrarily, low pressure contributes to friction and overheating.

Sharp objects: Also, running over glass shards, nail splinters, and sharp plastics could cause damage to car tires. Moreover, under-inflated tires and bad threads can harm the tire’s durability. Therefore, those sensitive vehicular parts contribute to punctures.

Valve stem: A damaged valve stem could cause flat tires too. The air passes through the valve stem. Again, worn-out tires leak out. All of these conditions could lead to a flat tire while driving.

Regardless of the reason, our tire experts get to the core issue. Steady hands change or handle flat tires safely. You can count on our top professional car technicians in Illinois.

How much do flat tires cost?

Typically, flat tires bill around $200-$500 per standard tire. Nonetheless, these fixed ones might outlast several tire change cycles. It bonds closely to the wheel within the tire. It is quite a peace of mind.

What do you do for a flat tire?

Flat tires could happen while driving. As it happens, you should immediately pull over to an isolated area away from traffic. Driving on flat tires harms the wheel and causes you to lose control of your car. If you pull over but find yourself unable to change it on your own, we can help. Our knowledgeable staff has the right tools to replace your flat tire with a spare or new tire.

What are our flat tire services?

Blown-out tires or flat tires leave you stranded on the streets. However, we are here to watch your back on such an unfortunate occasion. Do not worry! We momentarily engage in practical actions upon reaching your location.

Change tires: Our technicians change the damaged tires. Then, we analyze the tire performance on-site. So, you do not shoot straight into another blown-out tire as you ride back on the road. Our professional hard work makes sure you avoid that misfortune.

Repairs: Besides, you must contact us for all sorts of car repairs in St. Louis. We guarantee the best flat tire service in St. Louis. We remove defective tires and review the spare ones. Thus, our tire experts ensure car safety.

Spare tire: Bad spare tires can easily give you another horrible tire experience. Chauncey Towing delivers the next-gen car fixing experience to you. Contact the leading St. Louis flat tire service in town. Finally, you can reach your destination safely and quickly every day.

Day-night tire support: Chauncey Towing serves you 24/7. Hence, you can call us anytime in all emergencies. The Chauncey team dispatches seasoned hands to your location. We will reach you within 15 minutes after finishing the emergency call.

Handling dangerous roads: Most importantly, you could face a flat tire in an unknown roadside location. We instantly evaluate the relevant dangers. Our professional vehicle technicians weigh in on those concerns before jumping to action. 

Chauncey stuff immediately takes you to a safe place. Then, we put your car back on the road. You need not worry once you make a call to us. We guarantee 100% satisfying flat tire services.