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Accident Towing Service

Accident Towing Service

Towing a Damaged Vehicle from a DTPK Site, Unfortunately, not a single driver is insured against traffic accidents that can occur at any time. Different accidents have different consequences, in which the vehicle can completely fail. In this case, you must use the car accident towing service from the accident site.

What do you need to know when calling a tow truck?

Since breakdowns due to accidents can be different, it is important to use suitable special equipment to evacuate the car:

  • If the body or wheels have lost their shape and the car cannot roll, it is necessary to call a tow truck with a stationary platform. To raise the car, a winch and retractable ramps are used;
  • If the wheels are locked, a tow truck with a sliding platform can also be used, which acts more accurately;
  • Transportation of heavily damaged cars and large vehicles is carried out by a tow truck with a manipulator. Such a technique can get a car from a cuvette or pit. When using such a tow truck, there is no need to order a crane.

Order evacuation of the vehicle from the accident scene

If you have an accident and your vehicle needs to be evacuated, CONTACT US. We provide our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and holidays. In our fleet, there are tow trucks of different carrying capacities and different loading methods. When contacting our operator, you must provide the following details:

  • Car make and approximate mass of the car;
  • What damage is after an accident;
  • The place where you need to arrive to the tow truck;
  • Contact information for communication.

How much does it cost the Accident Towing Service?

The cost of providing vehicle evacuation services is calculated separately in each situation. It can vary depending on the complexity of the situation, the mass and size of the car, the distance to the place where the evacuation is necessary and other factors. However, we guarantee our customers the most affordable prices, which will save not only time but also money.

Ordering a tow truck is the optimal solution for drivers who want to quickly and safely evacuate a vehicle from an accident.

The calculation of the cost of transportation is made according to the price list.

How is towing a car


Cars from our fleet can be towed by category weighing up to 2,000 kg. All vehicles of this type are subject to transportation, with the exception of cars with damaged chassis (steering and braking systems). Our service has a cable for quick towing.

The driver who arrived on request:

  • Prepare the car for transportation
  • Securely fix the cable
  • Tows the car to the desired address with the speed permitted by law.

Inaccurate towing of the machine can cause damage to it on the road or accident. The drivers of our service have taken all the necessary measures so as not to be in such a situation. When towing, a high-quality cable will be used to ensure good cushioning. In addition, our employees will use all their professionalism for accurate driving. Our representatives know that the towing needs special attention from them:     

  • Movements should be smooth so that there are no sudden shocks, especially at the start. When driving, it is necessary to mitigate the jerk in every way.
  • When shifting gears, you need to quickly manipulate the lever of the manual gearbox and slowly press the pedals, especially when the clutch discs are closing.
  • You need to drive a car taking into account the fact that the driver behind sees the road worse and has limited opportunities for manoeuvring. Therefore, stops on the way and braking are undesirable.

Towing to a service or home by our driver will take into account these and other important factors. Thanks to their responsible approach, it will be possible to avoid breaking the cable and road accidents.

How to order a car towing service

If you want to use our offer, fill out the appropriate application by calling the operator at 314-238-8941 or by filling out an electronic form on the website. To order a truck for towing, indicate the location of the car and the address of the destination, state your name, leave contact details and voice the desired payment method.

You will immediately know the cost of completing the order. When calling the control room, the operator will calculate it during the application process. In case of using the site’s functionality, the cost of towing is automatically calculated taking into account additional services.

When applying, it is advisable to leave information about your car. This can be done in the comment box on the site or when communicating with the operator. Having detailed information about your car, our service representatives will be able to choose the best mounting option for your specific situation.

You can order a car for towing at any time of the day. Applications are processed promptly day and night seven days a week.

Please note: at your request, the operator can immediately send a driver with a cable to you or book a car departure for a specific day and time.