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Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed Towing Service

Car breakdown is not a rare phenomenon. Perhaps you have not encountered such a problem. But you always need to be alert. We are ready to provide assistance at any time, whether it is day or night, because Flatbed towing service in St.Louis may be needed at any time.

Forget the troubles

There is no way to get there by car due to breakdown – this is one problem. Another is how to get to the right place for you. And the third is how to get the car to its destination. You will receive answers to all these questions by contacting us.

After towing away the car, you can let go of the past-all your problems will be solved one by one. We work around the clock, so you can use our Flatbed Towing services at any time.

Professional drivers will come to your aid who are not only excellent in handling the vehicle, but also familiar with the towing rules of the car firsthand.

Flatbed Car towing – reasonable prices, high quality

Dealing with the method of transporting your car is our task. Experienced drivers solve it in two ways.

If an accident has occurred, technical malfunctions have occurred, or you simply cannot find the keys, and you need to drive the car to another place, just contact us for order manager Prize. You can also order a specialized towing service directly on the site.

By the way, this method of order dramatically saves your finances. Although the phone call and the towing of the car itself will not hit your wallet. Leave money to bring the car in proper condition. We offer prices 20% below average. You can always find out the cost of the service when ordering it.

Breakdown assistance, towing and repair – services from a single source in St.Louis

We from the towing service in St.Louis area will make you roadworthy again – with a wide range of services, our competent team and a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, we are prepared for all cases and able to provide professional assistance in all situations.

Our vehicle workshop and our towing service have been operating under the name Towing Service St.Louis since1996. Over the decades, we have been able to develop an extensive portfolio of competencies and establish ourselves as a high-performance partner and provider, among other things, of breakdown service, vehicle repair or load recovery in a wide area.

Regardless of which vehicle needs to be recovered, towed or repaired, our employees will provide you with competent advice and action and ensure that the order is processed professionally. In our independent vehicle workshops, our experienced team takes care of vehicles of all brands and manufacturers.

We’ll get you started again – professional Flatbed towing service for all kinds of vehicles

A deflated tire, an exhausted car battery or a gnawed cable – there are numerous reasons for a car breakdown, and yet in most cases it is completely unexpected for those affected. Our breakdown assistance for cars and trucks makes you afloat again!

Our towing service in the region around St.Louis is available 24 hours for all kinds of orders and takes over the breakdown, recovery and towing service for both cars and larger vehicles such as trucks or buses.

Thanks to our extensive vehicle fleet, we are able to take on orders of almost any size – even trucks up to 40 tonnes in weight can be recovered and towed with our special vehicles. Our service portfolio also includes removal from underground garages or areas that are difficult to access. If your vehicle breaks down in our area due to an accident or breakdown, we will be informed by the head office and will start moving immediately.

Vehicle transfer and more – We offer an all-round carefree package for vehicles

Our competent service offers you a whole range of services around the topic of vehicles. In addition to our extensive breakdown service, we are also well positioned in the logistics area. Regardless of whether it is a motorhome transport, the delivery of a new car, a show car or the transport of an accident car – we offer the complete package for all aspects of vehicle transfer. In the case of express or rapid transfers, we transport your mobile pedestal to the destination without detours and in strict compliance with your schedule. In the case of a collective transfer, we will transport your fleet from A to B.

Would you rather take your logistics into your own hands, but you lack the necessary fleet? Then our crane rental in St.Louis offers the solution to your transport problem! Car and loading cranes are available in our crane rental. Equipped with powerful technology, these tools are well equipped for your tasks. To ensure that your goods reach their destination quickly and at low loading costs, we can also provide you with the appropriate containers such as construction or storage containers. No matter whether it is a car, truck, bus or construction machine – with us you are in the best hands!

Do you have an order that we should take on for you or questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions.