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Impound Services and FAQs

Impound Services and FAQs

Chauncey’s Towing provides reliable impounding services throughout St. Louis. If you need a vehicle removed from your property, or your vehicle was removed from the place you last parked it, check our frequently asked questions below.

Property Managers FAQ’s

Q: Is there a charge for towing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles?
A: All private property services are free to the property. The costs of the service are paid by the vehicle owners and drivers who are at fault.

Q: Do I have to sticker vehicles myself?
A: No! Chauncey Towing & Recovery will send a parking enforcer to your property to monitor and sticker all violations for you free of charge. You will be notified via email of the violations when the parking enforcer leaves the property.

Q: What happens if I approve a vehicle for towing and the violation has been repaired?
A: Our parking enforcer will verify and photograph the vehicle to ensure that it is still in violation before the tow is initiated.

Q: How do you keep track of the vehicles that need to be towed and the ones that have been towed?
A: Chauncey Towing & Recovery uses a state of the art system with online storage of vehicles that are in violation and vehicles that have been removed and is accessible by property managers from any computer or smart device.

Q: Do the cars have to be stickered for 24 hours, or can I have them towed immediately?
A: The tow warning stickers are not required to tow; they are a courtesy, but you may want to check your lease agreement for details regarding towing.

Q: Can I just fax an authorization to towing a vehicle?
A: Per Missouri law, we unfortunately cannot accept faxed or presigned forms in St. Louis County

Q: Are you properly insured?
A: We are fully licensed and insured. We do not use subcontractors.

Q: Do you charge for your signs?
A: No, we provide and install Missouri compliant signs at each entrance at no charge. We can also provide and install other custom signs for a low price.

Q: Do you require a contract?
A: City and County ordinances require an authorized person be on site and is required to sign for each vehicle or vessel removed, so we require a contract with the authorized people listed.

Vehicle Owners FAQ

Q: How do I get my vehicle from Impound?
A: 1. Proof of ownership, this includes one of the following:

  • Original Title in your name
  • Original Title signed over on the back properly with your name printed on the back
  • Current vehicle registration (VALID)
  • Bill of Sale from an individual, notarized & dated less than 30 days ago

2. Proper ID, we will accept the following for ID

  • Driver’s License, (VALID)
  • Military Identification Card issued by U.S. Government
  • Passport issued by U.S. Government (VALID)

3. Towing and Storage charges
Q: If the owner of the vehicle is unable to retrieve the vehicle/or the contents in person what will I need to do?
A: The following form(s) need to be accompanied with Proof of ownership and Proper ID: