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Parking Lot Monitoring and Towing Services St. Louis

Parking Lot Monitoring and Towing Services St. Louis

Have you ever spent a long day shopping or strolling around the parking lot with friends all night, wondering where you parked? After a few laps, the reality comes and you realize that your car is likely to be towed away. You may ask: “Can I drag out of the parking garage?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If this happens, the first thing you should do is to contact your local company to find your car. Don’t worry, Towing Services St. Louis is one of the leading towing companies in St Louis, and we are here to help you.

We have been providing Parking lot monitoring and towing services to residents of St.Louis for more than a decade. We strive to provide our customers with the best towing services for residential buildings, multi-story buildings, condominiums and commercial activities. With our private lot management services, we are proud of our reputation. Every private garage or owner we install will find out the residents. Our goal is to make customers recognize the Parking lot monitoring and towing services in St.Louis and to know that their car is safe and in the right place at the right time.

Regardless of whether you are looking for more security or cleaning up cars that do not follow the towing instructions, we help you to manage your parking quickly. Our goal is to simplify your work. We care about your expectations from a towing company and hope to exceed these expectations. A towing is something we take very seriously: most towing companies don’t offer the same towing and 24/7 road support as we do.

Parking Lot Monitoring and Towing Services in St. Louis


We are proud to help our commercial and private customers control parking. Daily business needs and community assistance can make it difficult to focus on monitoring facility problems, such as unauthorized parking or abandoned or inactive vehicles parked in residential buildings or employee parking.

Some common examples of parking requirements include unauthorized parking, abandoned or unusable vehicles, vehicles parked in prohibited or reserved locations, illegally parked vehicles, or vehicles parked in front of fire brigades or hydrants. Parked recreational vehicles, campers, boats or trailers, as well as vehicles that can be parked to block entrances or occupy multiple spaces, are overdue and registered. Our specialists are trained to recognize such situations and apply to all customers and their property with maximum respect, care and professionalism.

Determining the growth potential

If the parking utilization is high, data availability provides a basis for expanding the parking area or providing pickup services and transporting it home. If parking spaces are not fully used, renting these spaces to residents or people working nearby can create new sources of income.


Convenience for customers

If parking is always tedious and time-consuming, customers may choose not to go shopping. Moving customers directly to free parking spaces is therefore not a tool to create an unusual experience, but a simple and straightforward process where customers can forget that they have parked.

Indication for staff allocation

As for parking usage increases, this indicates that the company will soon gain a footfall, so more staff will be required to perform service areas and inspections.

Parking monitoring: improve overall business performance

The ability to provide parking to customers at the time of purchase is a valuable additional service that retailers can offer. However, the provision of parking spaces does not fully exploit the potential of parking spaces. The parking monitoring and thus the creation of a database on the existing and historical occupancy of the parking is the first step to exploit the full potential of parking. This is the beginning and the end of a shopping tour.

  • Parking lots are often crowded and shoppers have to find free space, which shortens the time to shop.
  • The increase in traffic in the parking lot is the first indicator that predicts an increase in traffic in the store. Without an automatic notification system, the business cannot immediately initiate a response, e.g. opening other checkouts.
  • Uncomfortable or ineffective parking settings cannot be detected without monitoring. Although the store manager may realize that additional parking spaces are required to serve multiple customers at the same time, it may be difficult to justify the expansion of the parking spaces if there is no specific number.
  • In most cases, the parking lot is closed to the public after work to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft. At the same time, many residents have no parking spaces.
  • Free parking is only available to customers and has a set time. Some people ignore these restrictions and evolve over time, which harms other customers.

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