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Tow Truck service near

Tow Truck service near

Since then, when the car became a means of transportation rather than a luxury, our “iron horse” disappointed us at the worst moment. What if the car breaks down at the worst moment? Calling a tow truck in St Louis is not cheap.

You can ask friends or acquaintances to pull yourself to work. However, this option is not always feasible. Everyone has their own affairs, and it is not always possible to postpone them until later. There is a way out of this situation.

If there is no possibility to fix the malfunction in the car on the spot, it needs to be towed to the service station, to the garage, to the parking lot, etc. In order to find a specialist who will solve your problem, contact Towing Service St Louis.

Here you will find a contractor providing professional towing services for vehicles of any models and brands.

Rules for towing a car

To tow a car without violating the rules of the road, you need:

  • Turn on the low beam lights on the vehicle and the towed vehicle
  • Drivers must have rights of the corresponding categories
  • The maximum speed with which you can tow the car should not exceed 50 km / h (towing along the highway is prohibited)
  • To tow the car on a flexible hitch, the distance between the carrier and the injured car should be 4-6 meters, on a rigid chain – up to 4 meters.

Cost of car towing services

When ordering tow services with us, the customer has the opportunity to independently set the price for towing. It should not be lower than the price set by the service. The cost of towing a car is also affected by the distance to the destination.

How to order towing a car in St Louis?

For an independent order, you can use the order form on our website or call us directly.

Important! For an accurate calculation, it is necessary to select “Towing” from the list of services, and in the note indicate the model and make of the car to be towed.

How to Deal with after Breakdown?

As a car owner, since you bought a car and drove it on the road, you must be mentally prepared. It may have a day of failure or breakdown because all machines have a day of ageing and damage. Since it may break down, how to deal with it after it breaks down?


Unless you are a one-on-one car repair technician or a master, you can repair the fault part on the spot (if there are parts and the site is safe), most people will choose to call the tow truck for help and drag the car to their designated repair shop.

Tow Service St Louis

While driving, drivers will find that there are many possible situations for which it is not always possible to prepare. No matter where you are, you can easily use the contact information of our company. When you are St Louis, you should always stay in touch and relax so that you can contact us seven days a week at any time of the day or night if you need help on the way.

We offer the most reliable towing service in St Louis meets all the basic requirements for towing vehicles and provides the most professional, fast and reliable roadside assistance experts. We are happy to offer you a 24-hour ambulance evacuation service so that you and your car receive assistance quickly and efficiently from the highway. If you are trapped on a street, you don’t have to worry about leaving your car in the middle of the street at night. The Tow Service Louis Breakdown Assistance Platform will deliver your vehicle safely to or from St Louis in another desired city.

We strive to offer our customers the best possible service in order to avoid breakdowns and road accidents while driving. We value driver safety. You just have to call us and we will come to you as soon as possible. We have normal and large size tow trucks.

If your car or truck breaks down or there is no more gas, we will help you remove the car from the road at any time. Our company is equipped with modern devices and reliable service providers who can offer you assistance in the shortest possible time.

We offer the following 24/7 support or tow services at a competitive price:


  • Emergency tow truck
  • Towing service on / off
  • Automatic dragging over long distances
  • Tow trolley service
  • Flatbed tow truck
  • Long-distance tow truck
  • Heavy vehicle towing service
  • Medium size car tow service

Machinery transportation

The huge truck fleet has 1 to 30 tons of trailers, and trucks for transporting heavy objects, wide bridges and mega tilts. We can transport all goods within 30 tons. We can tow and transport construction machinery.